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The mission of the National Association LNG

The mission of the National Association LNG is to represent and promote the interests of its members through support of their activities in the Russian Federation or in regards to the Russian Federation by means of high-quality lobby work, information support and other actions intended to improve the business climate in Russia in accordance with the common business principles, as well as to facilitate partnership and integration of the Russian Federation with other countries interested in the LNG market growth.

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Liquefied Natural Gas: A Global Market Trend Analysis

Liquefied Natural Gas: A Global Market Trend Analysis with Insights From Harly Penner, Director, Fleet Engineering & Vessel Development, Seaspan Ferries by 8th annual Global LNG Bunkering Summit 2020 The Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) market is globalising as buyers, seller numbers and types expand. Ahead of the Global LNG Bunkering Summit 2020, Oil and Gas IQ surveyed leading industry professionals on the current state of the LNG market, major growth drivers and key industry trends. The results have been complied into the following report with additional commentary from Harly Penner, Director, Fleet Engineering & Vessel Development, Seaspan Ferries, to highlight the new regional opportunities and solutions to industry challenges detailing how they are changing, why, and how participants should react.

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National Association of LNG took part in the international municipal of BRICS forum 2019

Within the framework of the BRICS international municipal cooperation Project, a forum was held in St. Petersburg, the key mission of which is to become a new engine of development in the field of international cooperation and exchange of experience at the regional level of the BRICS countries. The project includes areas of Economics and business, scientific and technological progress, education and training, the formation of long-term strategic projects. One of the speakers of the forum was the national Association of liquefied natural gas (LNG).

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The BRICS international municipal forum (BRICS IFF) is a platform for discussion of key issues in the field of economy and investment, construction and real estate operations, trade, industry and agriculture. All conditions for productive work, establishment and development of business contacts for further promotion of own ideas that fall under the project goals have been created at the site of the BRICS MMF. In 2019, the Forum was attended by representatives of government agencies, local governments, scientists, experts in the construction of complex architectural objects, representatives of business circles and associations, diplomats from the BRICS five countries.

The national LNG Association presented to the Forum participants the program of gasification of small settlements developed by the national LNG Association, which includes the construction of a Federal network of mini-LNG plants with subsequent delivery of the product by gas carriers to the final consumer.

The meeting was very productive and touched upon an important topic for the development of all regions of the Russian Federation without exception. The national LNG Association invited all BRICS member countries to take part in resolving the identified problems and applying ready-made solutions available to the partners. Members of the Association also took part in round tables devoted to attracting investments to the BRICS member States, as well as in the expert Council on the development of our country's attractiveness for investors.

New ways of cooperation are outlined, it was decided to develop jointly a program for gasification of small settlements through the development of the LNG industry.


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Pavel V. Sarafannikov
Board chairman
Maria N. Nazarova
Board chairman
Vladimir A. Voronov
Board chairman
Klimentiev Aleskander
Board chairman

Our association goals and objectives

  • Interaction with Russian Federationstate authorities;
  • Association members representation and protection;
  • Assistance in import and export duties as well as the taxation levelregulation;
  • Association members’ joint actions coordination;
  • Industry’s Supreme Expert Council creation;
  • The largest industry participants consolidation in order to coordinate own business activities;
  • Aggregated analytical and statistical reports provision;
  • Marketing research;
  • Publishing;
  • Business entities organization and opening in order to participate in commercial activities;
  • Information exchange (data) with the Associationmembers, other organizations and institutions as well as in order to build up the information base, collect and process the data received;
  • Consulting;
  • Rapid response to industry issues;
  • Funds raising and consulting, participation in grants and competitions;
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Scientific activities in new production technologiesfield


Employees training in new production technologies

Liquefied gas industry staff reserve creation

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The way to become association member

Requests to the Executive Director with the required documents. Requests and data accuracy verification
New member joining issue submission to be consideredat the general meeting
The decision to admit a new member to the Association is taken by the General Meeting no later than 6 (six) months from the request submission date
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